9 Reasons to Choose Whiterock Locators


#1)  We give you a complete list of apartments from all over DFW. 

Most apartment locators will narrow their search to roughly 8 places you can live. That’s because those 8 places give the largest commission to the locator.

We don’t work like that. We send on average 80 places for you to live, and help you narrow down the best one for YOU.  And, we'll include prices, pictures, location and availability...we have a live data feed updated daily!

#2) We'll do all the legwork for you.

Most apartment locators just want you for one reason:

To fill out the “referral” field on your lease.

We take far better care of our clients. If you need help with ANYTHING, the team at Whiterock will walk you through any forms or any process you need help with.

Is the apartment slow at approving your lease? We’ll call them automatically everyday to make sure it goes through.

Is your renters insurance application going slow? We’ll call them automatically to push it through.

We’ll even help with any of this:

  • We’ll help fill out application
  • Once you apply, we automatically follow up and help paperwork process through.
  • Rental history.
  • Pay stub
  • Lease application
  • Deposit fee
  • Admin fee
  • Renters insurance application
  • Tax returns
  • Bank statements
  • Signatures

#3) Save an entire weekend of driving around.

We save our clients an average of 12-15 hours of time and frustration. A lot of locators will give you a big list of places and tell you to visit them all.

However, you may show up at 75% of these places and they won’t have the apartment you’re looking for in your price range on the date you’re looking for.

This means you might have to drive to 15 places, and 12 of them won’t even fit your needs. Instead at Whiterock we call all the places on the list, and find out FIRST if the apartments have the perfect place.

This means you only need to visit 3 or 4 places at most.  That’s a massive amount of time savings, far less driving, and far less frustration.


#4) We give you exact prices of apartments, not "vague price ranges" like Zillow or Apartments.com

When you search on any apartment search engine, they give you a range of prices, not actual prices.

For example, this list of apartments will give you super vague “ranges” of prices, not the actual price! Check this image out...


price ranges


This means you might think you’re getting a $1,400 apartment, when in reality it could end up being hundreds of dollars more. With Whiterock, we actually call every apartment you like, and get the actual price for your specific move-in date. 

This means you’ll know the exact price, the exact move-in dates, and the exact unit you’re getting. Since we keep up with most of the apartments around town, they also give us unpublished pricing deals that aren’t on the major apartment search engine.

Which leads us to the next point…

#5) We get unpublished pricing deals, and give this insider advantage to you.


Since Whiterock is in regular communication with all the major apartments in DFW, we come across deals every week that never go public (or get posted on any of the apartment search engines).

These deals never get published because they go so quickly. These are what’s known in the industry as a “Leasing Hot Sheet.”

These “Leasing Hot Sheet” deals usually change weekly, and only leasing agents have access to these deals.

Whiterock gets wind of these deals every week and sends them to you immediately. 

#6) Many companies only want to put you where they get paid the highest commission.

At Whiterock, we focus on YOUR needs. We want to be the best apartment locators period. 

This means putting you in an apartment you love that meets YOUR specific needs.

Simply pushing people into apartments because of commissions will not make us successful. We put people in apartments of all price ranges and needs:

  • Apartments in the $600 - $1,000/mo range.
  • Apartments in the $1,000 - $2,000/mo range.
  • Apartments in the $3,000 - $10,000+ range.

Whatever your needs are, we’ll accommodate you.  Don’t be afraid to tell us what you need!


#7) We literally give you cash back for using Whiterock!


When you apply for an apartment, you will be asked if you were referred.  You simply let them know “Whiterock Locators.”

Once we earn that fee, we share a portion of it back with you up to $200! This doesn’t affect your rental rate one bit, and the apartment doesn’t charge you more.

So with Whiterock you get the best apartment locating concierge service in town, AND you get cash-back!

#8) Get your own private concierge, with access to our entire team of professionals (you can even text us through the whole process). Try us! 214.922.1983


When you use WhiteRock, you get your own concierge service that leads you through the entire leasing process. 

This means you’ll get a single dedicated point of contact you can call anytime, and also the support of our entire team! We make literally hundreds of phone calls to apartment complexes each week to check for availability and deals.

A single person can’t handle that, you need a whole team, and they’re all working for you.

With Whiterock:

  • You’ll never talk to a robot.
  • You will talk to a real live person every single time (who knows their stuff).

We’re just as happy receive and respond to text messages as phone calls 70% of our client communication is over text. This is great for when you’re at work or in a spot you can’t talk on the phone. We’re professional apartment locators. We’d love to be yours.


#9) We have glowing testimonials from happy people all over DFW! 


There’s zero pressure to ever buy anything from us. Even if you just have some questions about apartments around town, give us a call.

We’re professional apartment locators.  We’d love to be yours!

Call or text us today: (214) 922-1983