Post Addison Circle

Studios $830+, 1 Bedrooms $1085+, 2 Bedrooms $1215+, 3 Bedrooms $1835+! View availability and pricing on 197 floorplans, 6 photos, amenities & features and more...

5009 Addison Cir, Addison, TX 75001

Addison Apartments

Floor Plans & Pricing

Floor PlanBedsBathsSq FtRentAvailability
No image available01478$995
No image available01491$1,000
No image available01492$1,000
No image available01493$910
No image available01495$1,090
No image available01497$830
No image available01501$995
No image available01502$930
No image available01504$1,145
No image available01527$970
No image available01545$1,045
No image available01554$1,070
No image available01613$1,150
No image available01614$1,165
No image available01620$1,150
No image available01621$1,150
No image available01622$1,150
No image available01626$1,150
No image available01627$1,130
No image available01635$1,215
No image available01667$1,100
No image available01678$1,160
No image available01680$1,310
No image available01685$1,300
No image available01687$1,250
No image available01688$1,250
No image available01694$1,285
No image available01702$1,140
No image available01703$1,250
No image available01709$1,250
No image available01711$1,300
No image available01722$1,300
No image available01732$1,275
No image available01749$1,070
No image available01752$1,375
No image available01774$1,480
No image available01778$1,055
No image available01827$1,400
No image available01834$1,385
No image available01882$1,410
No image available01903$1,420
No image available011,011$1,100
No image available011,247$1,100
No image available11501$1,200
No image available11502$1,200
No image available11504$1,200
No image available11517$1,200
No image available11529$1,200
No image available11565$1,200
No image available11593$1,085
No image available11617$1,195
No image available11622$1,200
No image available11635$1,200
No image available11650$1,195
No image available11653$1,200
No image available11671$1,110
1/1 673 sqft floor plan11673$1,140
No image available11678$1,210
No image available11680$1,200
No image available11682$1,190
No image available11692$1,200
No image available11696$1,200
1/1 702 sqft floor plan11702$1,295
No image available11711$1,200
No image available11716$1,200
No image available11719$1,305
No image available11719$1,200
No image available11722$1,200
No image available11739$1,200
No image available11741$1,200
No image available11744$1,200
No image available11746$1,200
No image available11756$1,345
No image available11757$1,200
No image available11760$1,215
No image available11760$1,200
No image available11762$1,295
No image available11767$1,320
1/1 768 sqft floor plan11768$1,405
No image available11771$1,365
No image available11775$1,200
No image available11778$1,410
No image available11780$1,200
No image available11785$1,200
No image available11786$1,200
1/1 787 sqft floor plan11787$1,200
1/1 790 sqft floor plan11790$1,200
No image available11795$1,140
No image available11801$1,385
No image available11813$1,200
No image available11814$1,200
No image available11827$1,425
No image available11827$1,460
No image available11828$1,335
No image available11834$1,570
No image available11838$1,200
No image available11845$1,250
No image available11846$1,365
No image available11846$1,200
No image available11853$1,275
No image available11856$1,555
No image available11865$1,200
No image available11888$1,200
1/1 895 sqft floor plan11895$1,200
No image available11896$1,240
No image available11898$1,345
No image available11900$1,200
No image available11902$1,200
No image available11908$1,320
No image available11912$1,480
No image available11919$1,200
No image available11933$1,355
No image available11939$1,200
No image available11941$1,485
No image available11941$1,445
No image available11950$1,200
No image available11953$1,200
No image available11954$1,200
No image available11960$1,480
No image available11965$1,200
No image available11984$1,545
No image available11998$1,200
No image available111,003$1,390
No image available111,005$1,200
No image available111,034$1,200
No image available111,046$1,485
No image available111,054$1,200
No image available111,057$1,200
No image available111,100$1,380
1/1 1130 sqft floor plan111,130$1,485
No image available111,247$1,200
1/1 1539 sqft floor plan111,539$1,200
No image available111,539$1,710
No image available11.5862$1,420
No image available11.5915$1,200
No image available11.5917$1,200
No image available11.51,020$1,200
No image available11.51,084$1,200
No image available11.51,088$1,360
No image available11.51,700$1,200
No image available121,187$1,200
No image available121,235$1,200
No image available22957$1,695
2/2 991 sqft floor plan22991$1,215
No image available221,003$1,500
No image available221,024$1,660
No image available221,031$1,500
2/2 1034 sqft floor plan221,034$1,500
No image available221,053$1,390
2/2 1057 sqft floor plan221,057$1,500
No image available221,070$1,500
No image available221,074$1,550
2/2 1093 sqft floor plan221,093$1,685
No image available221,097$1,500
No image available221,101$1,650
No image available221,101$1,500
No image available221,102$1,500
No image available221,111$1,500
No image available221,112$1,500
No image available221,125$1,870
2/2 1141 sqft floor plan221,141$1,730
No image available221,148$1,605
No image available221,154$1,500
No image available221,161$1,500
No image available221,163$1,500
No image available221,182$1,470
2/2 1189 sqft floor plan221,189$1,775
2/2 1191 sqft floor plan221,191$1,720
2/2 1193 sqft floor plan221,193$1,500
No image available221,195$1,650
No image available221,222$1,805
No image available221,229$1,790
No image available221,236$1,525
No image available221,265$1,500
2/2 1265 sqft floor plan221,265$1,865
No image available221,296$1,680
No image available221,316$1,500
No image available221,325$1,895
No image available221,385$1,500
No image available221,410$1,500
No image available221,413$1,500
No image available221,564$2,040
No image available221,633$1,500
No image available221,669$1,985
No image available22.51,201$1,500
No image available22.51,427$1,500
No image available22.52,026$1,500
No image available22.52,026$1,500
No image available321,275$1,835
No image available321,368$2,000
3/2 1404 sqft floor plan321,404$2,000
No image available321,424$2,090
No image available331,615$2,885
No image available331,615$2,700
No image available01504$885
No image available01678$1,090
No image available01501$995

Post Addison Circle Specials

  • No specials are offered at this time.

Amenities & Features

  • Access Gates
  • Swimming Pool
  • Picnic Area
  • Billiard Room
  • Business Center
  • Clubhouse
  • Conference Room
  • Elevators
  • Fitness Center
  • Handicap Modified
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Perimeter Fence
  • School Bus Pickup
  • Shuttle Route
  • Roomate Floorplans
  • Dog Walk Park
  • Bay Windows
  • Berber Carpet
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Dishwasher
  • Furnished
  • Wood Floor
  • Garden Tubs
  • Laminate Floor
  • Alarm System
  • Microwave
  • Outside Storage
  • Pantry
  • Patio
  • Walkin Closet
  • Stained Concrete Floor
  • Black Stainless Appliances
  • Granite Countertops


  • Dallas ISD
  • George H W Bush Elementary
  • E D Walker Middle
  • W T White H.S.

Pet Policies

  • Pets Allowed
  • 2 Pets Max
  • No Breed Restrictions
  • 175 lbs. Max
  • No Pet Fee
  • No Pet Deposit
  • $20/mo Pet Rent


  • Parking Garage
  • Detached Garage
  • Reserved Parking

Other Information

  • Year Built: 1997
  • Year Renovated: 2006
  • 1334 Units
  • Occupancy 96.1%
  • Short Term Leases Available
  • 4 Month Lease Min
  • Hours: Mon-Fri 10-6 Sat 10-5 Sun CLOSED
  • $85 App Fee
  • Dallas County
  • Addison Area