December 28, 2020 by Ted Bauer
This list is not about where we placed the most renters, or even about our own favorite properties. (We love them all.) It's about the pageview count for different properties on our site. Perhaps you can use it as a handy clip-and-save guide to some...Read more
August 31, 2020 by Ted Bauer
We get this question a lot from potential clients about the rental history report, so let's run down a few things to consider therein. What's typically on a rental history report? It might vary a little bit geographically, but usually the factors on...Read more
August 31, 2020 by Ted Bauer
The "Temple of Busy" is not necessarily some common, SEO-friendly term. I have seen it used hundreds of times in different articles, though. It refers to the idea that "busy" or "being busy" is almost a currency of the modern age. Back in olden...Read more
June 18, 2020 by Ted Bauer
A few weeks ago, we covered some of the best brand new apartments in Plano. For our purposes, "brand new" means built in 2019/2020. You can see all the brand new apartment builds we list right here, across all cities in DFW. We also have a...Read more