February 20, 2020 by Ted Bauer
A couple of resources to get started Here's the spotlight we did so far on Bishop Arts , and here's a list of all the complexes we partner with in Uptown Dallas . Park West Apartments (starting at $1,209 currently) Magnolia Station Apartments (from...Read more
February 17, 2020 by Ted Bauer
Let’s say you need tennis balls for your dog That’s a reasonable thing to go on Amazon for, right? And while this purchase is not what one would call a “high-ticket item,” once you type “tennis balls for dogs” into Amazon you get dozens, if not...Read more
February 12, 2020 by Ted Bauer
About that commute ... DFW drivers have the longest average commute in Texas , with Garland residents getting the shortest end of said stick at 29.5 minutes every morning. (Here's a real deep dive into commuter data .) Regardless of how long your...Read more
February 10, 2020 by Ted Bauer
"The Week Of Love?" This Friday, 2/14, is Valentine's Day. Weeks ago we were sitting around wondering if we should do an article on romantic places to eat and things to do in DFW, then we -- correctly? -- realized that very few people would ever...Read more
February 6, 2020 by Ted Bauer
Our game right now is rentals, but … We have helped with the purchase of over 1,000 homes going back to the mid-2000s for homebuyers and investors of all kinds. We’re not saying we have a crystal ball, but we think the DFW market is about to be more...Read more
Man pointing to map alluding to crossfit gyms in DFW
February 3, 2020 by Ted Bauer
The first thing to know (you probably already do) Many -- if not all -- properties in DFW are going to have a fitness center , and many of those fitness centers may offer classes or even 1-on-1 coaching. It's almost impossible that a fitness center...Read more
January 23, 2020 by Ted Bauer
Back in September 2019, we wrote about some of the best dog parks for apartment dogs. We’re going to return to that theme and try to bring some maps into it now too! Dog parks near Dallas Dog parks near Fort Worth Dog parks near Frisco Dog parks...Read more