Where do we stand with virtual tours as of mid-July?

July 13, 2020 by Ted Bauer

Back on March 18, a few days after the initial lockdown was in place, we looked at the rise of virtual tours in DFW apartment complexes. People were trying different things: guided tours with masks, virtual tours, sending you YouTube videos of floor plans, and even a few complexes that tried IG tours. ("Do It For The Gram") Well, since March 18 things have changed about 42,769 times -- you should not necessarily fear change, though! -- so let's revisit where things stand in terms of touring. The good news is: we know people are moving, both in terms of our clients and broader trends. So what are complexes offering in terms of learning about the place?

Short answer: it will vary by each complex. Ask us.

It varies by complex, in essence. You can check their website and find some information, or you can ask us, because we talk to these complexes all week about their occupancy, offerings, and how they're handling COVID. 

Some examples of what complexes are doing

Last week, we did a post profiling 49 luxury apartment complexes in Frisco. Let's look at some of those complexes as examples. What are they doing? We will go in order of that 49 complexes post and do a few to see!

AMLI at the Ballpark: They have a media gallery and offer 3D tours.

Bell Frisco at Main: They offer virtual tours on their site. You can also schedule guided in-person tours, with a mask.

Bexley at Westridge: They are offering most tours virtually these days,  and will get you in for a self-guided mask-on tour when something in your time window and size availability is open. 

Broadstone Pullman: They give you a bunch of options under "Tour Your Way."

Capitol at Stonebriar: They offer virtual tours and self-guided tours by appointment only.

Central Square at Frisco: They offer 3D tours.

So there's six examples, all within the general Frisco area. Many of the basic concepts overlap -- virtual tours, 3D tours, scheduling needed, etc. -- but each complex takes a slightly different approach. You'll see the same trend all over the Metroplex. Some might have more "innovative" solutions but above all, remember this: the complexes need you to see their amenities and layouts and feel comfortable, because they need tenants as much as you need a great place to live. It's a two-way street. They will work with you to make sure you can see and evaluate your next home; we do the same and can be a conduit between the complex and you as well. 

If you have questions about a specific complex you're interested in and can't find the answers by calling them or online, definitely reach out to us and we'll plug that gap for you.






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