Where are all the CrossFit gyms in DFW, eh?

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February 3, 2020 by Ted Bauer

The first thing to know (you probably already do)

Many -- if not all -- properties in DFW are going to have a fitness center, and many of those fitness centers may offer classes or even 1-on-1 coaching. It's almost impossible that a fitness center within an apartment complex would offer CrossFit, simply because there's so many regulations around owning and maintaining a CrossFit "box." (That's what they're called.) If you've never heard of CrossFit, basically it's a mix of weightlighting and cardio done across warmups, lifting sessions, and WODs, or Workout of the Day. It has a "cult"-like reputation for some,  and while proponents have argued for years that the workouts can transform anyone, there are still concerns about the safety of the workouts. (Here's more on that.

Still, it's pretty popular, and growing -- although admittedly some claim it's "losing its edge." You wouldn't know that from DFW. About 1.5 years ago, I actually went to a CrossFit competition -- I was working out at a box in Fort Worth, which I should probably get back to doing again because I'm currently over my weight from that period -- and there were "boxes" all over DFW represented at said competition. (Frisco had some boxes that seemed to win everything.) 

So, all this said, where are the Crossfit boxes in DFW? Let's look at some maps. 

Crossfit locations near Dallas

Crossfit locations near Frisco

Crossfit locations near Plano

Crossfit locations near Irving

Crossfit locations near Arlington

Crossfit locations near Fort Worth

So, any idea which are the best ones?

CrossFit locations have a lot to do with the owner and how good he/she is at training and coaching -- that's tied back to the injury concern -- as the programming for a lot of boxes is similar, or at least comes from the same "bank" of workouts. 

If you hit the old Google for best Crossfit gyms DFW, here's what you'll get: 

A lot of these boxes will have trial periods or deals, so take advantage. 

How can this impact my housing search?

Most of these boxes will have a shower or several showers, but that's the first piece of research: call them and make sure they have a shower.

Then take your work address, provided you work from an office.

Now you know a range of CrossFit gyms within, say, 10 minutes of your office. You can use our property listings  to even do some triangulation about where you might want to live for easy access to the gym and work (throw in other factors, of course, like friends, social life, and other places you regularly go. We doubt anyone is making an apartment decision solely on CrossFit, but it also would not tremendously surprise us either.) 

Or contact us if you want -- 214.922.1983 is the easiest way, or use this form -- and tell us where your box is, or what box you're considering, as a factor. We'll help you find something close by!

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