What 10 North Texas areas are among the best places to live in the state? (A surprise No. 1, perhaps.)

October 7, 2020 by Ted Bauer

This is based on some new (September-ish) work from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate HomeCity, in turn summarized here. 

A guy named Alexander Pfirrmann authored the research, and ultimately crunched the numbers on quality of life, affordability, growth, food and parks. 

Out of the North Texas offerings in the top 25, here were the results:

  • Fort Worth came in No. 1
  • Plano No. 2
  • Frisco No. 4
  • Irving No. 6
  • Dallas No. 8 
  • McKinney No. 11
  • Arlington No. 16
  • Garland No. 17
  • Denton No. 23
  • Mesquite No. 24

Fort Worth No. 1 seems like a surprise, no?

You usually see these rankings go to Plano or Frisco, or maybe Dallas -- and Fort Worth keeps its reputation as "little sister" or "scrappy underdog." Not this time, however. What happened?

“Yes, Fort Worth taking the top spot was definitely a surprise,” says Alexander Pfirrmann, who authored the study. “In all the other rankings I’ve seen while doing my research, Plano and Frisco were consistently at the top due to their extremely high median household incomes; however, Fort Worth was never No. 1 in any of those rankings.”

Two statistics stood out for Pfirrmann: growth and lower crime. Pfirrmann says Fort Worth’s population is growing at almost double the rate of Dallas (22.1 percent vs. 12.2 percent annually). In 2018, Fort Worth saw 520 violent crimes per 100,000 residents while Dallas saw a rate of 803 per 100,000 residents, according to the FBI Crime Database.

Personally, I can say I moved to Fort Worth in July 2014, and I'm from the Northeast, having spent much of my life in NYC and DC. I actually like it, even though a lot of Texas people I meet will say "Whoa, that must be different" and a lot of Northeast people I know have their own ideas and speculations too. But it's a big city (No. 12/13 in the USA) that's got a small-town, hidden-gem-ish feel. I actually just bought a home here, with the help of the Whiterock team.

If you're interested in Fort Worth and it works for you friends/family/work-wise, check out these newer apartment complexes in Funky Town. If you're interested in DFW luxury apartments in other areas from these rankings, consult this geo-specific guide to DFW luxury apartments.

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