The Week of Love: Client testimonials

February 10, 2020 by Ted Bauer

"The Week Of Love?"

This Friday, 2/14, is Valentine's Day. Weeks ago we were sitting around wondering if we should do an article on romantic places to eat and things to do in DFW, then we -- correctly? -- realized that very few people would ever look to an apartment locator for this type of service or content. But we did want to get that love theme going, so we're going to stretch that out across a week. 

Today will be the first "love" post, focusing on the "love" that clients have for us. (A-ha!) We're going to showcase two testimonials right now, although we'll be adding to this page over the next few weeks and re-sharing on the socials and all that.

Wednesday: Podcasts we love for your commute, which we know might be longer than you want it to be. 

Thursday: Organizations and jobs in DFW we love that are hiring and paying well, so that 2020 can be The Year of You. 

Ready? Let's roll.

Connor from The Colony

Connor's roommate is a firefighter and they wanted to move out of Bedford to another area. Because they had specific needs near highways and price points, they wanted some help putting all the pieces together. Working with Whiterock allowed them to cut their search from "a week down to about a day." Here's the story: 

Andy from Richardson

Who says the whole world is about The Gram now? Andy found us on Facebook and wanted proximity to work and downtown Dallas, so we helped him with a Richardson spot. He was a big fan -- you could even say he loved -- our customer service/experience, because we updated his needs and price ranges instantly. Here's Andy: 

Steven from Frisco

Steven wanted to be in Frisco for the proximity to both the growth in that area, Plano, and work. Problem, though: he had no idea where to look. He started, as many of us do, with the Google. The Google machine thankfully pointed him towards us, and we actually ended up finding him and his wife something cheaper than they expected to pay. Hot damn!

Taylor from the SMU area

Taylor had a friend move from College Station to Dallas, and they had used Whiterock. Taylor was moving with some roommates and needed certain amenities, including walking distance to a Kroger and centrality to multiple workout studios (all the roommates use different gyms). They also like being near multiple entertainment districts. We helped the crew secure what they wanted in less than a week.

Want to feel some apartment search love yourself?

Of course you do. Apartment-searching can be a source of true stress. Feel free to use us. Here's how the process works and how you'd begin. And now, standby for the remainder of "The Week Of Love." 

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