The Week of Love: Apartments near the DART and TRE

February 14, 2020 by Ted Bauer

Let's begin with three lines

These are the routes of the DART Blue Line, DART Red Line, and TRE:

Here's the DART Blue Line

These are some of the apartments clustered around the UNT-Dallas stop and the southbound stops of DART's Blue Line.

These are some of the apartments clustered near City Place/Uptown:

These are apartments near Mockingbird Station:

And finally, here are some near the LBJ/Skillman stop:

If you're broadly looking for Lake Highlands apartments, here's a roster of those.

The DART Red Line

The overall Red Line:

Here's apartments near Westmoreland Station:

Here are apartments near Lovers Lane Station:

These are apartments near Arapho Center:

And here are some downtown Plano station-adjacent apartments:

The TRE!

Here are some apartments located near Bell Station, roughly in the middle of the eastbound-westbound runs:

For apartments at either end of the TRE, we suggest looking at Downtown Dallas offerings and Downtown Fort Worth offerings. 

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