We need KERA's "Think" now more than ever

April 1, 2020 by Ted Bauer

What is Think?

My friend Haillie from church turned me onto KERA’s Think podcast/show/segment, which is hosted by Krys Boyd. It’s basically a, well, I’ll let the show explain itself:

Think is a national call-in radio program, hosted by acclaimed journalist Krys Boyd and produced by KERA — North Texas’ PBS and NPR member station. Each week, listeners across the country tune in to the program to hear thought-provoking, in-depth conversations with newsmakers from across the globe. Since launching in November 2006, Think and Krys Boyd have earned more than a dozen local, regional and national awards, including the 2013 Regional Edward R. Murrow award for breaking news coverage.

So, it’s local. That’s one initial positive. And the topics are usually pretty interesting -- not quite true crime, not quite Joe Rogan, not quite Oprah Super Soul Sundays, not quite anything but a mix of everything. And recently, in the time of corona, there’s been some stuff that’s really relevant and strong. 

Such as?

If you listen through those episodes or just think of the broader topics, it aligns like this as regards modern life:

  • Healthcare = massive issue right now. Will be even more on the “normalcy” side of things.

  • Not being able to discuss money hurts our understanding of how people are reacting to all this. (Plus: student loan crisis.)

  • Biden vs. Trump (if it happens in the way we’re used to elections)

  • Focusing on the negative seems like “life” right now.

  • Are we unlucky to be dealing with all this?

  • Fear is everything at this moment.

  • The natural role of parents day-to-day is shifting dramatically right now. 

  • Directly about COVID.

  • Working class topics lead to the idea that coronavirus is potentially “class warfare,” which has been espoused in a few places.

  • COVID topic.

  • It does sometimes seem like the wheels are off the bus on America. (They are not.)

So, in addition to some podcast recs we once gave you, dig into KERA’s Think now more than ever.

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