We launched Homes in time for National Home Ownership Month

June 17, 2020 by Ted Bauer

June is National Homeownership Month -- have to admit I was not aware of that, although I did just see a very annoying former co-worker post a first home purchase photo on Facebook yesterday, complete with six feet between him, his wife, and the buyer's agent, which made me feel good and cringe simultaneously.  Well, to celebrate National Homeownership Month, we just launched the Homes section of our site. Here you can browse for homes, as opposed to just rentals. Nice! 

My lease is up in November/December, and I've considered buying. And with a few clicks, I just found this 4/3 (!) in Fort Worth. Now, in all likelihood that home will not be on the market come Thanksgiving, but the point is ... that search took less than two minutes and I gained a bunch of info. Nice!

How's the market overall?

It's actually pretty solid. Although we are having a COVID spike in Texas right now, people are starting to move apartments again, which is always a good sign. Buying was also ticking back up, with one local CEO saying that COVID had a "surprisingly small" effect on DFW residential real estate.  (Industrial real estate is also on the bounceback, in part because they're chasing e-commerce hubs.) NBC DFW just reported yesterday that home sales are pretty robust.

Now, the problem is the economy, and people who got laid off or furloughed, and broader societal concerns around spikes from COVID, unrest, future pandemics, and where corporations are shifting (i.e. more automation). The economic picture is not 100% clear going forward, but the good news there is ... it's never been 100% clear going forward. If you can make it work now, it's a good investment decision and could net you a beautiful place to live -- at pretty good overall rates. 

Our team has a lot of experience in home sales

We've been in the rental game for much of the last 2-3 years, but we have a strong background in home sales, especially single-family residential. Holler at us about anything. I myself do not have home sales experience, but you can bet come November/December, I will be using my squad here. 

Let's look at some homes!

Available listings all over the Metroplex!

Find Your Dream Spot!

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