Uptown Dallas: A Spotlight

February 20, 2020 by Ted Bauer

A couple of resources to get started

Here's the spotlight we did so far on Bishop Arts,  and here's a list of all the complexes we partner with in Uptown Dallas.

Park West Apartments (starting at $1,209 currently)

Magnolia Station Apartments (from $1,053 currently)

The Alexan Uptown (from $1,170 at present)

And hey, we profiled a spot: The Nodding Donkey

Did you know The Nodding Donkey was a two-time winner of Best Sports Bar in Dallas, including 2014? Their bar is pretty "lit," as the kids say, as well.

PS: for more of these videos and apartment-neighborhood spotlights, feel free to check out our YouTube channel.

About the Author

Ted Bauer

Ted Bauer is a writer/editor for White Rock Locators focused on as much cool content about the DFW Metroplex rental scene as he can possibly find week-to-week.