Some of the best new apartments in Frisco, TX (built since 2016)

June 10, 2020 by Ted Bauer

I've actually lived in North Texas (Fort Worth) for six years next month, and in that time I have been to Frisco approximately twice -- driven through it more than that, yes. From my limited interaction, it's a super cool area, and in my time at Whiterock, I've been able to understand the real estate leasing ecosystem of Frisco too. There's a whole crop of best new apartments in Frisco these days. We recently did an article on brand-new apartments in Frisco,  which for semantic purposes refers to 2019 and 2020 builds. (So like, brand new.) We also have a category on our site of "New Apartments," which semantically means built or redesigned since the middle of 2016. You can also take that "New Apartments" link and sort by any geographic area you're interested in living in, too! I started this post with a sort by "Frisco" and "new," which gives me 32 properties built or updated since 2016.

Important note here: our database has certain price information, but our database, try as we might, is not real-time. Prices fluctuate and vary sometimes by the day. The good news is that we have strong relationships with many of these complexes and can help you negotiate deals and offers, but the exact price you see on the site might not be the price by the time you go look. Just a heads-up there.

More on that here.

Best New Apartments in Frisco: Capitol at Stonebriar

9600 Gaylord Rd
Frisco, TX 75035
$1,244 - 2,259
1 - 3 Beds
678 - 1,439 SqFt

Capitol at Stonebriar, located at 9600 Gaylord, runs 1-3BR and the three bedroom options start around $2,099 with special options. It has electric vehicle charging stations (!), a pool with swim-up bar, hardwood floors, granite/quartz countertops, and full-sized washer-dryer combos in every unit. They are currently offering virtual tours, as well.

Best New Apartments in Frisco: Cortland Phillips Creek Ranch

6400 FM423
Frisco, TX 75034
$1,043 - 2,130
1 - 3 Beds
661 - 1,540 SqFt

This also runs 1-3BR, and three bedrooms start around $1,800. They also have virtual tours on their site right now. If you do have kids, these are the only apartments zoned to Nichols Elementary School, which is one of the top-rated ES in all of North Texas. Their amenities list is pretty solid,  including air hockey style tables in the common areas!

Best New Apartments in Frisco: Domain at the Gate

6688 John Hickman Pkwy
Frisco, TX 75034
$1,249 - 2,745
1 - 2 Beds
639 - 1,774 SqFt

Domain at the Gate offers 1-2BR, but the 2BR are starting around $1,700 right now and are pretty spacious -- they go up to 1,774 square feet. (Those units are currently On Notice, however, with 1,200 square foot apartments available.) They currently have four- and six-week move-in deals, and offer weekly fitness classes (which is rarer than you might think!) for residents.

Best New Apartments in Frisco: Newman Village

4444 Felix Way
Frisco, TX 75034
$945 - 1,970
1 - 2 Beds
560 - 1,690 SqFt

Newman Village, at 4444 Felix Way, has 1-2BR, with 2BR around $1,500 right now. The joint is pet-friendly, and amenities include oval garden soaking tubs, a choice of six different finishes, quartz/granite countertops, and a stainless steel appliance package.   

Best New Apartments in Frisco: Overture Frisco

4140 Legendary Dr
Frisco, TX 75034
$1,725 - 2,455
1 - 2 Beds
730 - 1,125 SqFt

This is at 4140 Legendary Drive. It's an active adult retirement community and no joke, last Saturday night while eating Mexican food in Bedford, I met a woman who lives there. She loves it. 2/2s can start more expensive -- around $2100 and up -- but the amenities at the spot are excellent.

Best New Apartments in Frisco: Skyhouse Frisco Station

6633 John Hickman Parkway
Frisco, TX 75034
$1,309 - 4,256
Studio - 3 Beds
584 - 1,522 SqFt

This place, at 6633 John Hickman, goes up to 3BR, with 3BR starting around $3,400. (The 3/2s are about 1,550 square feet.) They are currently offering virtual tours, and this 25-stories-tall beauty is right by Frisco Station, which comes with its own set of amenities and nightlife, no doubt. (Well, post-COVID.)

Best New Apartments in Frisco: The Kathryn at Grand Park

4255 Cotton Gin
Frisco, TX 75034
$1,032 - 3,871
Studio - 4 Beds
565 - 2,618 SqFt

They actually go up to 4BR townhomes! Currently, if you can move in by 6/21, it's eight weeks free. Amenities include a coffee bar (!), pet wash, and private/enclosed conference rooms with media hookups. 


That's the humble beginnings of a list. We're going to keep doing these, from the best new apartments in Frisco to the best luxury apartments in Plano to the best apartments with Olympic pools in Dallas. We got you, fam. 

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