Four new apartments in Plano TX to check out

June 18, 2020 by Ted Bauer

A few weeks ago, we covered some of the best brand new apartments in Plano. For our purposes, "brand new" means built in 2019/2020. You can see all the brand new apartment builds we list right here, across all cities in DFW. We also have a classification of "new," which means the apartment complex was either built or renovated since mid-2016. In Central Plano, in addition to the "brand new" apartment complexes on the link above, we also have four "new" complexes, i.e. built or renovated since '16. On that link right there, you can get 43 floor plans and 25 photos, and the joints start at $1,080, roughly. (Pricing can vary by day.) Here's a look at those four:

Alexan Legacy Central

6501 Excellence Way
Plano, TX 75023
$1,070 - 2,883
Studio - 3 Beds
548 - 1,589 SqFt

Floor plan-wise, this goes up to 3/2, although 3/2 (1,589 square feet) is not available until mid-September as of now. (Could change.) That 3/2 is around $2,350. There are currently 2/2s available, at 1,196 square feet and $1,775 starting price. Current specials include:

  • 50% off rent for 2 month(s) on a 15 mo lease
  • Other Concessions: 1 to 2 months free upfront (applied 2 weeks free on the 1st 2 months or up until on the 1st 4 months) for selected units on a 15 month lease.

There are 385 total units, pets are allowed (175 pound limit), and it's zoned for Harrington Elementary.

Horizon at Premier

3409 Premier Drive
Plano, TX 75023
$1,520 - 2,110
1 - 3 Beds
635 - 1,236 SqFt

1/1 floor plans begin at $1,400, with 3/2s beginning at $2010. Some current specials (can vary) include:

  • 100% off rent for 1.5 month(s) on 2 bedrooms on a 12 mo lease
  • Waived app fee on 2 bedrooms
  • 100% off rent for 1.5 month(s) on 3 bedrooms on a 12 mo lease
  • Waived app fee on 3 bedrooms
  • Other Concessions: $500 move in special.
  • reduced admin into $75 and app fee into $50
  • All specials are applicable for all floor plans and on a 12 mos lease term.

122 units, pets allowed, and it's zoned for Christie Elementary. 

New Apartments in Plano: The Bridge at Heritage Creekside

1550 W Plano Parkway
Plano, TX 75075
$1,234 - 2,744
1 - 3 Beds
640 - 1,836 SqFt

1/1 floor plans of about 640 square feet start at $1,100, and 3/3s of 1,639 square feet -- which are currently unavailable -- start at $2,565. Current specials include:

  • 100% off rent for 1 month(s) on a 12 mo lease
  • Other Concessions: A month free applies to everyone and all floor plans on a 12 to 14 months lease term either upfront or pro rated.

It's zoned for Sigler Elementary, was built in '16, and has 326 units. Pets are allowed, with a two-pet max and a 175-pound weight limit.

The Orchards at Market Plaza

3640 Mapleshade Lane
Plano, TX 75075
$1,850 - 2,550
1 - 2 Beds
759 - 1,127 SqFt

These run 1-2 BRs from $1,675 to $2,500. It was just finished in 2020, at 180 units, and currently includes these specials:

  • 100% off rent for 1 month(s) on a 18 mo lease
  • App Fee Waived
  • Other Concessions: $500 deposit will be credited back at move in. Offering one month free and no application fee! No community fee!

If you have additional questions about new apartments in Plano, don't hesitate to reach out. 

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