Fort Worth new apartments: Nine complexes to consider

July 13, 2020 by Ted Bauer

We have been focused a bit more on Collin County of late, because we've tended to get more requests for apartment searches and ideas in that area. Now, that said, while Collin is growing at an insane rate -- Frisco is the fastest-growing mid-size or large city in the entire United States since 2010 -- Fort Worth also has a relatively-insane growth rate. In part simply because of space issues (Ft. Worth has more), it's growing faster than Dallas right now. And while it's relatively easy to dismiss it as "Cow-Town" or "all the way over there," it's become a cultural hub of sorts in the last decade as well. Some of its museums, including the Kimball and Amon Carter, are considered among the best in the US. Very few people ever seem to realize this in airport bar conversations, but Fort Worth is already the 12th/13th biggest city area in the US. Some have gone as far as to equate Fort Worth's growth trajectory with Austin's.

Well, as you might expect, hammers are swinging and Fort Worth new apartments are everywhere these days. So, which ones should you consider focusing on? Here's nine to consider. You can find 31 total Fort Worth apartment complexes here,  starting around $647 and including 403 different floor plan combos. These nine below have all been built or remodeled since mid-2016. Two of them, Bowery and Cityscape Arts, have been built since mid-2019. 

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If you have any questions about living in Fort Worth or overall Fort Worth new apartments, let us know. 

Fort Worth new apartments to consider


1424 Summit Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76102
$1,090 - 2,160
Studio - 2 Beds
507 - 1,350 SqFt

650 S Main St
Fort Worth, TX 76104
$1,069 - 1,699
1 - 2 Beds
631 - 1,257 SqFt

220 E Broadway Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76104
$1,029 - 2,319
Studio - 2 Beds
495 - 1,443 SqFt

500 Energy Way
Fort Worth, TX 76102
$1,130 - 4,985
Studio - 3 Beds
425 - 2,150 SqFt

301 Nichols St
Fort Worth, TX 76102
$1,200 - 1,999
1 - 2 Beds
690 - 1,250 SqFt

2913 Crockett St
Fort Worth, TX 76107
$1,125 - 2,600
Studio - 2 Beds
491 - 1,368 SqFt

3001 Crockett St
Fort Worth, TX 76107
$1,225 - 2,600
Studio - 2 Beds
491 - 1,396 SqFt

250 West Lancaster Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76102
$998 - 1,685
Studio - 2 Beds
612 - 1,302 SqFt

400 S Jennings Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76104
$1,129 - 1,846
Studio - 2 Beds
605 - 1,197 SqFt

A few quick observations on these Fort Worth new apartments

I live in Fort Worth and know several of these places, so here goes:

  • My friend lives in Bottle House and it's nice. I will say I needed to look after her dog during Thanksgiving (I did not go home) this year, and going in there at night during Thanksgiving when very few people are around was a bit odd, but it's a nice complex and the pool scene is clutch.
  • South 400 has one of the best views and common areas (wine cellar, all that) on the roof that I've seen in The Fort.
  • The Bowery is pretty nice and near a row of about 13 bars, all of which have opened since about 2015. 
  • I have not been inside all of the others, but the locations are all valuable and 7-to-15 minutes to everything you could want to access, relative to where you work. (Wait, do we still work in offices?)


More Fort Worth new apartments (and luxury ones)!

We've got you covered.

Fort Worth new apartments (with a splash of luxury)

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