Could you get into downtown Dallas under $1,000/month?

July 22, 2020 by Ted Bauer

The short answer is: you can. The longer answer is: you can, but the place will be small if it's just you, or you will need roommates to make your share $1,000 or less. We currently list 34 apartment complexes in downtown Dallas on our site, and six of those have prices starting under $1,000.

Here are the six spots to consider for downtown and under $1,000. If you click into any of these, you'll get specials, amenities, pictures, floor plans, availabilities, school districts, occupancy rates, and more. If they have 3BRs (many do), you can divide and figure out the math that way as well.

Caveat: Sometimes, when you click into the unit, you'll see a listing of "Unavailable." On those listings, what happened is the price reflects the last time it was rented. Now, it's possible the rent number still might be under $1,000/month, and the floor plan is accurate, but we would need to work with you and the complex -- it's also possible they raised the price of the unit since the last time it had an occupant. 

So these numbers are not perfect, and some units might be over $1,000/month, but none of them are going to be astronomical either.

Downtown Dallas under $1,000/month IS possible!


1900 Elm St
Dallas, TX 75201
$965 - 3,340
Studio - 2 Beds
494 - 2,685 SqFt

511 North Akard Street
Dallas, TX 75201
$873 - 1,166
Studio - 2 Beds
396 - 969 SqFt

1509 Main
Dallas, TX 75201
$953 - 3,305
Studio - 2 Beds
450 - 2,578 SqFt

300 South St. Paul
Dallas, TX 75201
$688 - 4,873
Studio - 3 Beds
606 - 2,950 SqFt

1210 South Lamar St
Dallas, TX 75215
$935 - 1,910
Studio - 2 Beds
467 - 1,398 SqFt

1414 Belleview St.
Dallas, TX 75215
$587 - 1,096
1 - 3 Beds
750 - 1,055 SqFt
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