Collin County rental price points: What to expect

June 8, 2020 by Ted Bauer

We have spent the past week or so on a Collin County kick, looking at new apartments in Plano, Frisco, and the McKinney/Allen/Richardson area. Now we just want to spend a second on price points you can expect in Collin County. 

Collin County rental price points: The bottom line

Our team has been working with Collin County rentals for years, and regularly has to note to clients that it's near impossible to find anything under $800/month in Collin County -- and, honestly, it's hard to find things under $900/month. You can find rental apartments of 2-3BR where your share might be less than $900, but if you want to live alone, finding something under $900 in the area is often a challenge.

Now, there are some places in North Dallas that are considered Collin County where you might be able to find a 1BR for $900 or another good deal, but oftentimes they were built in the late 1970s/early 1980s without many upgrades. Almost everything built since the mid-1990s will start at $900 or above, and anything built or renovated since 2016 will probably be significantly higher than that. 

So what Collin County rental price points can we expect in terms of amenities?

All this stuff varies by complex and parent company and location, which is why it's good to talk with some of our agents about these complexes, deals, location, and more. But, generally speaking, this is the breakdown in Collin County in terms of amenities: 

  • $950-$1,050 rental price point: You might have carpet, or it might be laminate wood. Black appliances are a maybe. No islands in the kitchen, and parking may not be covered. Usually you will be talking about early 2000s construction with some renovations along the way.
  • $1,150-$1,250 rental price point: Common areas will have wood floors or laminate floors. Appliances likely are black, maybe stainless steel. There might be a kitchen island (40-50%). Construction probably between 2005 and 2015.
  • $1,250 and up rental price point: Construction likely since 2015, stainless steel appliances, kitchen island, covered parking (garage), and wood floors in common areas.

Now, again, there is some math here. There are places with 3BR, like Satori Frisco mentioned here,  where the 3/2 floorplan starts at $2,049 with one month free. If you got that floorplan and had three total people living there, each of you would be paying $683 if you split evenly. So, the rental price point would be well under $900 (good!), but you'd also have two roommates (potentially great, good, average, or bad depending on context). 

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