The best margaritas in Plano, Frisco, Allen, and Richardson

March 12, 2020 by Ted Bauer

Just a quick note before we commence

We know that writing about the best margaritas in the middle of a public health crisis is not the most relevant or amazing thing we've ever done. We actually will be writing next week on how to adjust your apartment search during a defined pandemic. For now, follow the advice that's out there and be safe. The NBA season is suspended, so you can't hit any Mavericks games as is, but we'd endorse the idea of not going to 10,000+ events for the foreseeable future. We know it's a weird time, but let's say safe and reduce that spread. And, if you do want a margarita, thankfully the places you can grab them are not going to be at the scale of a massive concert of sporting event. Still, practice caution. 

Didn't you do this list before?

Nope. We did this list for tacos in Plano, Frisco, Allen, and Richardson. Feel free to check that out -- heck, if you want, try to pair the tacos and the margaritas. We can all use some comfort in this moment, no? 

The best margaritas in Plano

One of the best options is typically considered to be Mexican Sugar,  which is at 7501 Lone Star Drive. Here's their Yelp reviews if interested. When you talk to Plano locals, Plano born-and-breds, or Plano transplants ... Mexican Sugar is usually among their top three named spots for margs.

Mexican Bar Company,  at 6121 W. Park Boulevard, is another favorite. The salting of the rim is epic here. It's open until 2am Friday and Saturday, to boot. 

Mi Dia from Scratch, at 3310 Dallas Parkway,  also has locations in Richardson and Flower Mound. They offer $5 margaritas periodically. Happy hour is strong. And USA Today voted their overall concept a Top-10 Tex Mex in the USA. Give it a whirl.

The best margaritas in Frisco

Frisco has some chain spots that excel at doing the margarita game,  including Margarita Hut,  where you can see the drinks spinning in their vats behind the bar. You know you secretly love it. There's also a strong showing from the local "MiCo" -- Mi Cocina Frisco -- and the emergent Crush Taco. 

La Hacienda Ranch is a chain too,  but the Frisco location -- at 4110 Preston -- has been around for decades. Lot of good options at that spot, but Spicy Cool Cucumber is a go-to marg.

El Rincon's chain offering, at 2809 Preston, has really good chips and salsa and does a frozen margarita very well. There's also Gloria's Latin, at 8600 Gaylord. They have really good ceviche, chicken enchadillas, and quesadillas -- and a strong play in the margarita game too.

The best margaritas in Allen

If you Google "best margaritas in Allen TX," one of the results on the first page is On The Border. Situation in Allen for margs may seem a little bit dire as a result. It's actually not. There's a WIld Salsa at 241 East Stacy (technically Fairview) with good food, appetizers, and relatively-cheap margaritas. Fun fact about my own life that's not at all fun: my last meal with my ex and both our families was at the downtown Fort Worth Wild Salsa. Ah, memories...

Chepa's Mexican Grill, at 1223 W. McDermott, and Mexi-Go, at 533 on the same block, are also good spots. Mexi-Go has a nice green sauce as well.

The best margaritas in Richardson

Check out Mena's at 1851 North Greenville Avenue,  Pineda's at 1144 North Plano,  Frankie's at 2701 Cutler (good breakfast spot, although we would not necessarily endorse margaritas at breakfast -- plus they also have locations in Garland and Sachse), Amigos at 940 East Belt Line, Senor Chacote at 7602 North Jupiter (good tortilla soup), Fernando's at 1250 State Street, and Edith's at 3551 Wilshire. Edith's is more a French bistro deal -- solid steak cuts -- and not Tex-Mex, but they do serve good cocktails, a margarita being among them. 

What's next up?

Tomorrow (Friday the 13th, actually!), we will be doing a tacos list for Dallas proper, Irving, and Las Colinas. We'll be matching that with a margarita list for those cities next week, as well as that less-than-fun pandemic article we mentioned above. Hope to see you back here looking for cool hangout options, distractions from reality, and great new places to live.

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