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Top 10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Mover

Lise Mannering

Lise Mannering attended the University of Texas at Arlington where she worked on her Bachelors of Fine Arts...

Lise Mannering attended the University of Texas at Arlington where she worked on her Bachelors of Fine Arts...

Feb 8 4 minutes read

Imagine inviting a total stranger into your home to handle every single one of your belongings, bring them outside, and transport them to an entirely new location. Either you’re being robbed for everything you own, or hopefully, a moving company is helping you move. If it’s the latter case, you want to make sure you’re hiring a company you trust. Your belongings are an extension of you and your livelihood. Having them lost, damaged, or broken is a risk you don’t want to take when moving to a new home.  

Moving is stressful enough on it’s own, so if you’ve decided to hire someone to handle the heavy lifting (literally) for you, then you want to make sure you’re hiring the best. Here are a few must-ask questions to make the decision an easy one: 

1) Are They Licensed and Reputable? 

Anyone can be good at packing, lifting and transporting, but when it comes to hiring a mover, you want to be sure you’re working with an established, licensed, and reputable company. Don’t be shy: ask them about their history and if they have any references available for you to look into. You wouldn’t hire an employee without requesting references, why should a moving company be any different? 

2) What Liability Coverage Do They Provide?

In the unfortunate case that one of your possessions is damaged or lost, you need to know what kind of insurance or liability coverage the company provides. Will they compensate you for any losses? Make sure the people you hire are legitimate and that your stuff is legally protected. 

3) Can They Provide You A Quote Before Moving Day?

You don’t want to be shocked when you’re invoiced for the move after it has already happened. Ask the company to provide you with a quote and including any other fees you may incur if you enlist their services. 

4) How Long Will It Take To Move My Stuff?

Whether you’re moving across the street or across the country, knowing how long they typically take to pack, load, and transport a client’s belongings is important for the rest of your planning. 

5) Are There Any Hidden Fees Or Charges? 

More often than not, moving companies charge for more than just their physical services. Ask up front what exactly you’ll be paying for, including insurance and other liability costs. 

6) Will They Subcontract Your Move To Someone Else? 

Some movers will subcontract their jobs to other companies, especially in the case of a long distance move. Ask the company if this is ever a part of their practices, or if the items they transport everything themselves. 

7) How Long Have They Been Moving? 

Knowing the history of the company you choose is equally as important as their rates and efficiency. Choosing a well-established, trusted company over a fledgling startup seems like a smarter choice. Do your research and you won’t be disappointed. 

8) Are Employees Covered By Workers’ Compensation And Public Liability Insurance?

It may not seem like a concern to you, but in the case that one of the employees is injured while moving your stuff, you may be legally obligated to pay. Make sure that the company you hire has workman’s compensation and insurance for any injuries that happen on the job. 

9) What Is Their Cancellation Policy?

You might change your mind, but make sure you know about their cancellation policy before you do. Extra fees aren’t fun for anyone.  

10) How Do They Handle Special or Fragile Items? 

Ask them how they pack and transport heirloom or fragile items. Will they ensure everything is securely packaged and that it won’t be broken due to carelessness? It may seem like a minor question, but when your great-grandma’s piano is broken at the hands of a moving company, you’ll wish you did your research sooner. 

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