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8 Spots to Find Cheap (or Free!) Moving Boxes

Suzanne Pope

Every successful office has that one person who is the glue that keeps everyone together and on their toes at the same time...

Every successful office has that one person who is the glue that keeps everyone together and on their toes at the same time...

Feb 8 3 minutes read

Luckily, there are ways to alleviate some of the stress and extra expenses involved in moving from one home to the next. One of the easiest ways to “move on a budget” is to search for cheap (or better still, free) moving boxes to use while you pack. Here are a few of the easiest places to hunt for moving boxes when the time comes:

1. Craigslist

Although Craigslist has its downsides, it can be an awesome resource for finding free boxes. Search the “free” section, under the “for sale” heading, and you’re almost guaranteed to find a few barely used boxes from someone who has recently moved as well. 

2. Liquor Stores

Next time you go to pick up a six-pack or a bottle of wine, as the cashier if they have any boxes they can spare. Chances are they’ll be happy to have you take them off their hands. 

3. Grocery Stores

Be it Walmart, Whole Foods, or a small, local grocery store, they’ll definitely have piles of boxes to spare. Food has to get delivered somehow, and many stores keep huge piles in the back before shipping them off to be recycled. The Krazy Coupon Lady noted that early-mid morning is usually the best time to find empty boxes on the store floor, while the employees are still unpacking them for the day. 

4. U-Haul Box Exchange

It’s 2017 and, of course, there is an online forum for exchanging used moving boxes. U-Haul makes it easy for people in the same community to pass on boxes with their Box Exchange Forum

5. Schools

If you have school-aged kids, asking the schools’ teachers or janitorial staff if they know of any spare boxes is worth it. Schools get a ton of deliveries, so taking boxes off of their hands that they’d generally have to breakdown on their own, will save them time in the long run. 

6. Amazon

Although not completely free, Amazon offers moving boxes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and quantities, that can be conveniently shipped right to your doorstep. 

7. Book Stores

Books are heavy and, of course, require heavy duty boxes when they’re being shipped to and from stores. Head to your local Barnes and Noble or a local, smaller bookstore and ask to take their spare boxes off their hands. 

8. A Local Recycling Center

Before they’re broken down, Recycling Centers are a literal gold mine for free boxes. If you call in advance, they may have a few raw, intact boxes that you can take without having to reassemble them.  

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