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Top 4 Decor: 4 Trends to Say Bye-Bye and 4 Making Waves

Suzanne Pope

Every successful office has that one person who is the glue that keeps everyone together and on their toes at the same time...

Every successful office has that one person who is the glue that keeps everyone together and on their toes at the same time...

Aug 12 6 minutes read

Is mid-century modern finally losing its swagger? Is that ubiquitous cool gray theme on the way out? What about millennial pink, rose gold and brass?

Maybe you're craving a touch of terrazzo or a bold accent wall. Perhaps you're sick of ship lap or feeling meh on minimalist. Either way, we've got good news for you!

Today's decor trends are all about individual style that's upbeat, lux and unique. Whether you're seeking a new apartment or simply want to update your current pad with a fresh look, you want your home to reflect your own individual style.

Ready to channel your inner confidence and create a fresh new look in your home? Read on to check out the latest ins and outs of apartment decor.

#1 Out: MCM ---> In: Memphis 

Mid-century modern style has dominated for the last few years; while we still love its clean lines, let's be honest: MCM is ubiquitous. This style is everywhere, which is amazing when you want to pick up an inexpensive side table at a big box store, but not so great when you want to design a space that's truly unique and yours.

If you're seeking retro appeal, look instead to the Memphis movement. This post-modern style debuted in the early 1980s, the brainchild of a group of young Italian designers. A fun, inspirational trend, Memphis reflects the bold look of the 80s: Think big hair and even bigger shoulder pads, strong colors and dynamic shapes. Memphis emphasizes luxury and comfort, complemented by geometric forms and a cheerful mix of bold tones.

#2 Out: Cool Gray + Millennial Pink ---> In: Warm Neutral + Sophisticated Green

Yes, there are 50 shades of gray and we've seen every single one of them featured on walls, cabinets and upholstery for the last few years. While gray will never go out of style — after all, it's a classic and a neutral — we're seeing a shift away from using gray monochromatically across all surfaces.

If you love that neutral look, reach for a warm palette instead. Blush pink and bronze add an elegant touch that looks fresh, as do earth tones such as ocher, sand and terracotta. For a bit of drama, pair dark and light neutrals for contrast.

We're also noting a trend away from millennial pink as an accent color, to be replaced by a glowing green that we absolutely love. For a sense of calm and sophistication, think deep, natural green on furniture and walls.

#3 Out: Eclectic Clutter ---> In: Sustainable Biophila

Eclectic looks that showcase your individuality are always appealing, but sometimes too much is simply... too much. When a space is too cluttered with objects, colors and patterns, it may feel over-the-top and chaotic.

Instead, we're noticing a shift toward artisanship and sustainability, which means each object is mindfully chosen for its function, purpose and aesthetics. Remaining conscious of our impact on the environment is key, as well, and that means choosing decor and materials that are produced sustainably.

Emphasizing humans' connection to the natural world also drives a trend toward biophila. Natural wood, stone and plants bring nature into our homes. The use of textures — nubby wool, soft velvet, rough jute — adds a layer of sensory experience, as does the addition of living greenery and the sound of water.

#4 Out: Extreme Minimalism ---> In: Maximalist Touches

Monochromatic color schemes. Spare Scandinavian style. Simple materials. Less is more. Even though design trends are shifting toward artisanal pieces, the minimalist aesthetic seems to be on the decline.

In its place, we're seeing a resurgence in rich colors, big artworks, bold patterns and a mix of textures. Get this luxurious look by dominating a room with a huge, striking piece of art, or by covering an entire wall, gallery style.

Color saturation is key. Strong, inspirational and confident shades like hunter green, deep teal, intense coral and dark indigo add an edge to the room. Mix and layer multiple patterns — floral, geometric, graphic — in fabric and rugs to achieve a lush look. You can even bring patterned tiles to kitchen and bathroom backs plashes for a touch of whimsy.

Use tactile elements by pairing textures like velvet, linen and other rich textiles to create a sense of drama and depth. After years of minimalism, trims, bullion fringes and curtain tie-backs are back.

Keep in mind that the maximalist look is all about cultivating a feeling of lux excess without crossing the clutter tipping point. Think a cleaner, brighter version of boho style, with softer lines and a charming mix of vintage and modern.

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