19 of the best craft beer bars in the DFW Metroplex

March 9, 2020 by Ted Bauer

A quick story to begin

I moved to DFW (on the Fort Worth side) in July 2014. I was living in Minneapolis immediately before that. I came down here in probably mid-June 2014 for a final interview with the place I initially ended up working. The interview goes maybe 10am - 2pm or so, we exchange some pleasantries, and they let me check into my hotel -- which was in downtown Fort Worth. I’m a pretty big blogger (** pats self on back **), so in an effort to blog and avoid immediately checking out the bar scene of a place I might eventually live and work, I wrote a couple of posts, then went out. 

The first place I went to was Flying Saucer Fort Worth -- there is also a Flying Saucer in Addison --  and I was pretty much in heaven. I’m a big beer person. I grew up in New York, which honestly has a relatively crappy beer scene. I had lived a bunch of places throughout the craft revolution; Minneapolis was pretty good, but it was also seemingly always very cold and thus hard to motivate to get to beer bars. This was June in Texas, so it was hot, but damn, that tap wall! I stayed for a few and ate there too (food is pretty good). Fun fact: the bartender that exact day in June 2014 still works there, and we talk about that day periodically to this day.

So that’s the first rec I’d commence with: Flying Saucers in Fort Worth and Addison. Great beer bars.

Now, for the purposes of this article we are not going to discuss breweries and brewpubs. We will do that in a separate article. This is just beer bars, like the Saucer model, around the Metroplex. Here’s a list of places we think you’d like. 

But first: what does this have to do with locating an apartment?

Everything and yet nothing. It’s just a handy guide. If beer, and finding cool new beers, is a driving force of your life -- and it may well be! -- then you might want to find a location near some of these places, or within a reasonable Uber/Lyft ride of them. (We would not at all recommend beer bar hopping overlaid with driving, unless you have a DD.) The presence of beer bars is a completely justifiable way to analyze a neighborhood.

Oh, fun fact that most don’t know before we hit the list: the explosion in craft brewing, politically, is most tied to Jimmy Carter (!) -- although that claim has come under challenge by a few people too. Carter is most tied to the regulation of homebrewing, which is thought (logically) to give rise to the fact that there are always beer bars and breweries seemingly opening near your current house/apartment.

The DFW Metroplex beer bars list

  • Flying Saucer Fort Worth and Addison, linked above.

  • Ginger Man Las Colinas: There used to be one of these in Fort Worth, then it closed (although the building just sits there). Great tap selection, and usually has some higher-ABV Belgian selections in the roster. There’s also a Ginger Man in Plano.

  • Bearded Lady Fort Worth: This was over in the Magnolia area of Fort Worth forever. It closed for a few years (rent dispute, potentially) and reopened in the South Main Village area. They usually have about 30-35 taps and very solid food, including a killer grilled cheese.

  • The Common Table in Frisco: The Uptown Dallas one closed in early 2020, but they live on in Frisco. Scratch kitchen too.

  • Meddlesome Moth: Maybe the “go-to” beer bar in Dallas for those who have been around a half-decade or more. Very strong offerings, both in terms of quality and ABV.

  • Craft and Growler: This was Dallas’ very first growler filling station. 

  • Hero: This is basically 100-200 feet from American Airlines Center, and right next to a big WeWork in Victory Park as well. So … go get your hustle on, get your craft beer on (their food is good too, especially crab rangoon dip), and then go see the Mavs, Stars, or a Lizzo concert.

  • Fillmore Pub: One of the best spots in downtown Plano.

  • Oak Street Drafthouse: You might not associate Denton with a hot craft beer spot, but you know what? Here we are. They have over 70 beers on tap and they’re just one block east of the downtown Denton square. 

  • Eastbound and Down Icehouse: In 2018, The Dallas Morning News called this “the best dive beer bar in DFW.”

  • Dot’s Hop House and Cocktail Courtyard: Great outdoor space along Commerce (2400 block) in Dallas.

  • Strangeways: This is on Fitzhugh in Dallas. Google calls it a “late-night haunt,” which may be true, but you can get quality beer there most times of the afternoon and evening.

  • City Works: This has been around for about a year in Fort Worth’s Clearfork district, which lo and behold also has a WeWork, a Nordstrom, and some upscale spots. Their tap wall is pretty significant -- probably about 40+, if not more.

  • Holy Grail Pub: Craft beer + scratch kitchen in Plano.

  • Vickery Park Plano: Same as above + they got shuffleboard!

  • Cork and Growler: Frisco spot with a dog-friendly patio to boot.

  • Nerdvana Frisco: Craft beer + play video games from your seat!

  • Thirsty Lion Gastropub and Grill: This is near the Music Factory in Irving. Pounded a few beers here before a Jordan Peterson talk last summer, so….

The bottom line

The DFW Metroplex has a ton of people -- and people like beer. Did you know something like 90% of Americans drink? Wow. As a result, these beer bars will keep opening and (sadly) closing. LUCK in Dallas, for example, which was a craft beer spot that also used craft beer to cook, just closed in early 2020. Like sands through the hourglass, these are the days of our beer-drinking lives … but hey, if you have a favorite spot and want to live close by to it, holler at us.

About the Author

Ted Bauer

Ted Bauer is a writer/editor for White Rock Locators focused on as much cool content about the DFW Metroplex rental scene as he can possibly find week-to-week.