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11 Hottest Apartment Amenities in 2019

Suzanne Pope

Every successful office has that one person who is the glue that keeps everyone together and on their toes at the same time...

Every successful office has that one person who is the glue that keeps everyone together and on their toes at the same time...

Aug 7 6 minutes read're looking for an apartment.

That's great!

But where do you start and what should you be looking for?

Do you know?

You probably have a general idea, but the most important thing is not what you think.

So what is it?


Yep, it's amenities!


Don't be...and here's why.

Why Amenities Are so Important

Many people briefly glance at an apartment's amenities and think— that's nice, or don't give them much thought at all. But that's the worst thing you could do. Why? Because amenities shouldn't be an afterthought or something nice you might consider using after you move in. Amenities are a way to craft your new lifestyle, boost your quality of life, and make loads of new friends and acquaintances, if that's what you choose to do. Additionally, the right amenities can actually change your life by making it easier, healthier, and more productive.

OK, that sounds great, but what if I don't really care all that much about amenities?

We can respect that, but keep reading and you might just change your mind.

And here's why...

Apartment Amenities Are Not What They Used to Be

Not all that long ago, apartment amenities consisted of a pool, hot tub, and a weight room with some treadmills and exercise bikes. You might remember that and you might not, but either way, we can tell you that was mighty boring and it's no wonder most people could have cared less about an apartment's amenities.

The good news is apartment amenities have changed and changed a lot. So much so that they probably should no longer be called amenities, but should be thought of as "Lifestyle Enhancers," "Added Value Features," or something along those lines.

Don't you think?

Here's our list of 11 Must-Have Amenities for 2019

Here are some of the most popular must-have amenities from around the country. Some DFW apartments already have these trending amenities and some will ride the wave and have them soon. And, if you currently live in a DFW apartment that doesn't have an amenity you want, it wouldn't hurt to ask for it. Apartment managers and owners are always on the lookout for creative new ways (aka amenities) to make their communities more attractive so their residents will want to live there longer.

So it's a win-win for everyone!

Trending DFW apartment amenities:

1) Pet-Friendly/Dog-Friendly

This amenity consists of off-leash dog parks, pet washing stations, doggy daycare, pet spas, dog walking, and pet sitting services. This amenity sometimes includes cat services as well.

2) Concierge Services

This amenity consists of any possible convenience feature, such as dry cleaning drop-off/pickup, errand services, valet and parking management, housekeeping services, lifestyle management, and more.

3) Rideshare Programs

This amenity consists of a resident ride-sharing program, which will keep you from having to pay a traditional ride-sharing service because it's reciprocal.

4) Electric Car Charging Stations

This trending amenity is an apartment community that has installed electric car charging stations for its residents.

5) Virtual Golf Simulators

This amenity consists of free-standing golf simulators that enable a person to play golf indoors on a graphically or photographically simulated driving range or golf course.

6) Wine and Cheese Lounge

This amenity consists of a cozy seating area that looks and feels like someone's home. It offers a small selection of wine, sliced meats, cheeses, and is a great place to socialize, hangout, and make new friends.

7) Resident Engagement Centers

This amenity consists of a shop type area where residents can do crafts, DIY projects, or have a movie night. It is also sometimes used as a coffee bar, breakfast bar, conference room, or meeting room as well.

8) Life Boosting Technology

Technology is a wildly popular amenity. This amenity consists of Peloton gym equipment, dedicated lockers with some being refrigerated for meal delivery services, smart home features such as thermostats, lighting, USB plug-ins, keyless entry, and more.

9) Community Gardens

This amenity consists of indoor/outdoor/rooftop gardens and/or sitting areas that offer flexible space and sometimes breathtaking views.

10) Green Minded Recycling Options

This is a wildly popular amenity that does not require any explanation.

11) Community Green Space

This amenity consists of wide-open green spaces—sometimes with a few pavilions—that are used for events, as well as having spots for games, weddings, and birthday parties. It can also sometimes have individual niches with a fire pit, brick oven with an outdoor kitchen, and comfy corners for socializing and entertaining.

What's Next?

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