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11 Moving Hacks, Because Moving Sucks

Joel Broyles

As founder of our company, one look at his bright smile will tell you he loves people and gets great enjoyment out of helping them...

As founder of our company, one look at his bright smile will tell you he loves people and gets great enjoyment out of helping them...

Feb 8 5 minutes read

There’s nothing more exciting than fresh starts and the potential that comes with a new place. Anyone who has moved before knows, however, that despite the excitement, moving comes with more than its fair share of stress. Although there’s no way to make moving a completely stress-free experience, having a few moving hacks up your sleeve will only help the process unfold as smoothly as possible. Chances are, regardless of how much of a “moving veteran” you are, some of these hacks will be brand new to you. 

1. Hiring A Moving Company Using Unpakt

Unpakt is the first “one stop” app for moving. If you struggle to stay organized during a move, it will save your sanity. It allows you to compare moving companies in your area, create an inventory/packing page on your phone, build a “Moving Plan,” and create an itemized list of the cost of your move, down to the penny. 

2. Take Photos Before Moving In (You want That Deposit Back)

If you’re renting a new home, be sure to take photos of the place before you move anything in. Keep the evidence for your landlords when you move out to up your chances of getting your full deposit back. 

3. Color Code Your Boxes By Room

Instead of throwing random things into random boxes in the “heat of the moment” while moving, having a system will make packing and, of course, unpacking all of your stuff a breeze. Use markers, stickers, or a label maker to color code your boxes by room, that way when you’re unpacking, you can simply put each box where it needs to go and be one step closer to being organized in your new home. 

4. Fill Nail Holes With Toothpaste

When you move out, you’ll likely have to do some deep cleaning whether you rented or owned your home. Use this tutorial to learn how to fill all of the nail holes in your wall with your medicine cabinet staple: toothpaste. 

5. Keep Track Of Your Moving Expenses For Tax Write-offs Later On

If your move requires you to begin a new job, or relocate to a new work location, TurboTax noted that you will qualify for tax deductions when tax seasons rolls around. Keep track of all of your expenses so you’re prepared when the time comes. 

6. Roll Your Clothes Instead Of Folding Them

It seems too simple to be considered a hack, but, believe it or not, rolling your clothes up instead of folding them into traditional square will save you a considerable amount of space. And when it comes to packing everything you own into boxes, every bit of space counts. 

7. Slide Furniture On Towels To Avoid Scratching Floors

Sliding a few old towels under heavy furniture cuts back on heavy lifting and makes it much harder to scratch up your pristine, new floors. 

8. Detox Your Stuff Before You Pack, Not After

Before you throw all of your stuff into boxes and transport it to your new house, consider doing a house-wide detox to decide what you do (and what you don’t) need to bring with you. It will cut down on clutter in your new home and give you less to pack. Win, win. 

9. Update All Of Your Address Information At Once

One of the biggest hassles of moving is having to update your address with every account and business who has your address. Instead of updating your address as each new bill comes or when a package is misplaced, update them all at once. Fill out a form with your local post office to update your address, and then tackle all of your online accounts. 

10. Label The Sides Of Boxes Instead Of The Top

Another basic, but sanity-saving tip: labeling the top of your boxes is a rookie mistake. Instead, label the sides (every side, if you’re feeling ambitious), so that no matter where you stack them, you’ll always know what’s inside. 

11. Keep A “Survival Kit” Packed For The First Few Days Of The Move

Even if your move is going swell, it’s best to prepare a bag of “essentials” ahead of time so that if something is lost or you don’t have the chance to unpack everything right away, you still have the basics like a few changes of clothes, snacks, toothbrushes, and the like. 

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